Fancy Fray

Once you have a first draft of your floor plan… it’s time to start coloring in the details!  If you’re interested in using furniture from Fancy Fray to fill your space, we’ve got three questions for you:

  1. Do you want any farm tables?
  2. What package works best for you?
  3. What furniture do you want?

After pouring over your ideas a bit, we’d love to hear from you!  Send us an email ( to let us know what you’re thinking, or go ahead and set up a one hour design consultation with us during which we’ll help you determine which package and what furniture selections would work best for you.

OR….  if that sounds crazy and you’d prefer us to do that work for you…  just say the word and we’ll pull together a layout with furniture recommendations!



The Cheney Place provides round and/or rectangle tables for your event.  It’s covered with your reservation so you’re all set.  But if you’ve got a hankering to use some of our farm tables, then we’d love to get some reserved for you as they book well over a year in advance.  We rent our tables to Cheney Place clients for $75/table. If you haven’t seen these tables in action, take a moment to check them out here:

Here’s some thoughts on how you can use farm tables at your wedding:

VIP Seating

Designate your honored guests by seating them at featured tables (with chandeliers hanging over them!)  Our farm tables look great down the center of the room with round tables off to the sides.

Product Display Tables

If you have products or sponsors to feature, hook them up with a standout table.

Go to Town

Designing with long tables is one of the best ways to save space while seating more guests.

Farm tables are a great way to create this clean, classic look, and bold look even for larger events.  Plus they don’t need linens!



OK.  We’re not going to lie.  At first blush it seems weird to choose a package before you know all of the pieces you’d like to rent. We get it :)  But choosing the package is really the easiest part, so it’s best to get that taken care of first.  Plus, Fancy Fray books a limited amount of events per weekend, so it’s great having you on their calendar so they can plan ahead with your event in mind.

Here’s an overview of the three highly discounted furniture rental packages that are available only to Cheney Place events. Hopefully with the pricing and descriptions, you’ll have a pretty good idea of which package is right for you.  Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll send a rental agreement your way.  And then there’s no need to worry if you got it right, because we’ll happily adjust your package along the way if something else suits you better.  We’ve got your back!

‘Ruffled’ Package*

$695 for $1200 in rental credit.
That’s nearly 40% off right off the bat.

Think 2-3 custom seating vignettes with chandeliers, plus a couple buffets or chandeliers.

It’ll fill a few spaces well and add the extra touch you’re looking for.

‘Velvet’ Package*

$895 for $1800 in rental credit.
That’s over 50% off. Plus no delivery/setup. Nice.

Choose this package if you’re thinking multiple seating vignettes + buffets/dressers + a handful of chandeliers.

This is our most common package for medium sized events because there’s simply less space to fill.  And this will fill it well!

‘Fancy’ Package*

$1295 for $3000 in rental credit.
We’re well on our way to 60% off folks.

For $400 more, this is the perfect upgrade for those that want to go all in! If you’re wanting bunches of chandeliers over guest tables as well as over the head tables, dessert buffets and seating vignettes, then you’re going to want to go with the ‘Fancy’ package for sure.

Let the transformation begin!



You’ve got your layout so you know how much space you’re working with.
You’ve got your package so you know how much rental credit you have to play with.
Now let’s set aside your favorite pieces so no one else gets to them first!

If window shopping is up your alley and you’ve already been mulling over your what pieces you want the most… then your best bet is to go ahead and create wish list at  This is just like shopping online, telling us all the pieces you want, and we’ll respond by confirming the availability of your selections with some recommendations based on your preferences.  It’s fast.  Easy.  And frankly, we’re suckers for shopping online.  Please feel free to create your wish list at any time, and we’ll roll from there.

If the wish list doesn’t sound like your cup of tea… we’d love to have you set up a time to swing by the warehouse and we’d be happy to help you pick out your pieces.  Or, just say the word and we’ll do all that work for you, sending you a printout with pictures of what we think would look great at your event!!  Either way, email us ( and we’ll set that up.

We do recommend you begin your furniture selections as early as 6 months prior to your event, because some of the other events we work with like to plan way way way in advance, and we want to make sure you have the chance at first dibs :)