Floor Plan

The bottom line is that it’s hard to design your space until you have an idea of the space you’re working with and where things will be. Our team will design a custom layout that’s exactly what you’re looking for, but sometimes the best place to start is by looking at some other layouts that work great! Below are some of our favorite reception layouts to start helping you visualize what you’d like. Feel free to start thinking on this right away… but we’ll contact you about 8 months prior to your wedding to officially get the process started. 

Here’s a few notes that might be helpful to know ahead of time as you start planning for your floor plan!

• If you’re wanting the disco ball installation over your dance floor, there’s a few spots we can place those which you’ll see in the samples below. We’re flexible to either spot you like however, if you’re having a band or your guest count is over 225, we do need to place your dance floor towards the south end. Bands just take up a ton of space and they need a more spacious area. If your wedding is over 225 guests, the south end works quite a bit better to give you more space to party and to minimize congestion 

 • We’re happy to customize things for you, this is just a starting point. You’ll notice some of the samples below have rental furniture and some do not. We’d be happy to help with furniture selections using your rental credit at any time.

• The TCP gang takes care of all of your furniture rental needs so please email us directly at events@thecheneyplace.com if you have questions! 

• We’ve also included the layouts for ceremonies and cocktail hour in our space too, because we’re pretty sure it’ll help. 

• Please note that tables, chairs and disco balls are included with your Cheney Place rental.  Vintage furniture (listed HERE) is available with your rental credit and farm tables are $75/table.

Happy Planning! 


1.  All longs (with or without farm tables)

How fun is this layout?! We LOVE long tables… it really switches things up from the classic all rounds you see everywhere. Long tables is the way to go if you’re wanting to seat lots of people while saving space for seating and design.  It’s easy to expand for additional seating while still saving room for great design. This floor plan shows seating for just over 200 people with quite a bit of room for extra seating vignettes, dessert areas, buffets, the whole shebang! We could easily add more tables to seat many more guests and still leave room for other design components. 

While this layout shows all farm tables (which rent at $75/table), we can easily switch this up to be all classic 8’ tables which are included in your rental if farm tables aren’t your thing. Or maybe you like linens AND farm tables, we can blend the two instead! 

2.  Mix it up

No one ever said you had to have all the same kind of tables or that they have to all line up. In fact, we love how mixing it up can bring in an unexpected and amazing design. This layout can be done with or without farm tables (or just at head table as shown) and seats approximately 200 with 3 seating vignettes, dessert buffet, multiple buffet lines for fast food service and plenty of room for gift buffets by the entrance. We can easily increase dinner seating or lounge space by relocating the dinner buffet tables. 

Pro tip: This floor plan shows one of our favorite style of head tables. It’s a modified king arthur style in a “T”… it still highlights the bride and groom but actually allows your bridal party to be friends, which is really what you want on your wedding day! 



3.  Mix it up some more!

Here’s a few more examples of some floor plans to blend in rounds + longs (farm tables or classic). We’ve also given you a few more ideas on incorporating fancy fray seating vignettes or not, a new head table style (we call it the wrap around) and a few different size guest counts (180 verses 240). While we love all the fun layouts you can do here, these are among the favorite… especially when you add in some stylized linens! 

4.  The classic

Classic isn’t a bad thing but this floor plans been around for a while. All rounds work — especially when you throw some amazing floor length linens over them (not necessarily all the same kind)! This floor plan shows seating for just over 200 people using long tables for the head table in a traditional style. Round tables work well for family style dinners so keep that in mind depending on your dinner service. 


 5.  Something different

Who says you need to have a sit down dinner? Sure we love food and we love eating…. but we also love when the room is decked out like a party lounge with tons of seating, chandeliers, cocktail tables and more. This is what it could look like if you wanted to create a lounge with some space for eating (note the blonde farm tables with chandeliers hanging over them) and lots of room for partying. This floor plan works well for party minded clients and strolling dinners.  There’s tons of room to change things up for you, but this layout is a great starting point showing you where we’d recommend the tables, cocktail tables and at least some of the seating vignettes. It’s your wedding, why not do something out of the box?

6.  Big Ass Weddings

While our space is big, weddings around 300 definitely fill up our reception space. If you have between 275-300 guests, here’s the floor plan (or something similar) we’d recommend for you. We’ll for sure need to place the dance floor at the south end and we’ll need to blend rounds and longs or we won’t have enough tables, literally. If you have over 300 guests, we’ll also recommend an additional bar on the first floor (which we have available) to make sure your bar lines move as quick as possible. You’ll also notice this floor plan does not have buffet lines, if you have over 300 guests, a plated or family style meal works best to minimize congestion as much as possible. We’ve used this layout a ton in the past for big events and we find it really works best! 


6.  Itty Bitty

If your guest list is under 100 guests, we’ll most likely recommend leaving your ceremony up (if you’re ceremony is here). Leaving the ceremony site up allows us to make the space feel a bit more intimate for your guest count as we’re working with 10,000 square feet. The best part is with your numbers, we have lots of options but here’s showing you a fun one with a sweetheart table, a seating vignette and a blend of longs and rounds. 


If you are getting married at The Cheney Place, these floor plans will give you an idea of how your ceremony will be laid out.  The first attachment shows layout with all chairs.  The second attachment shows our layout that includes our pews with additional chairs as needed.

Basic Ceremony Floor PlanChair Ceremony
Stylized Ceremony Floor PlanPew Ceremony

Cocktail Hour