Vintage Furniture

We’ve got a 15,000 square foot warehouse off the back of our venue filled with furniture you can use to design your event.  Your venue rental includes $2000 of rental credit that can be applied to the vintage furniture shown below.

The best time to choose the furniture for your event is when we’ve completed the first draft of your floor plan (which is typically done about 6 months before your wedding).  BUT…. if there are some pieces you’ve simply got to have, or if you know you want farm tables, please email us right away ( so we can get those pieces reserved for you.  Our tables and some of our favorites do rent fast, so we’d love to make sure you get dibs if you want them!

And then we’ll contact you about 6 months before your wedding to knock out your floor plan, select linens (if you’re ordering those through us) and finalize any furniture selections.

That said, if you’re itching to start designing sooner than that, here’s some things you can do now.


The Cheney Place provides round and/or rectangle tables for your event.  It’s covered with your reservation so you’re all set.  But if you’ve got a hankering to have our farm tables at your wedding, then we’d love to get some reserved for you as they book well over a year in advance.  We rent our tables to Cheney Place couples for $75/table. If you haven’t seen these tables, take a moment to check them out HERE:

Here’s some thoughts on how you can use farm tables at your wedding:

Head Table

Push 2-4 tables together for an impressive head table that will really stand out.

Check out some of our favorite floor plans to see some great examples of how we’ve set up the head table before.

Head Table + Family Seating

Click HERE to see one of our favorite layouts.

The 8 tables down the middle of the room with 8-12 chandeliers hanging over them is simply stunning.  Offsetting that with rounds (covered with beautiful floor length linens) pulls it all together.

Go to Town

Designing with long tables is one of the best ways to save space while seating more guests.

Farm tables are a great way to create this clean, classic look, even for larger events.  Plus they don’t need linens!


Once you have your layout (6 months prior), you’ll know exactly how much space you’re working with — which of course makes it easier to pick your pieces.  Most of our clients do wait until they have their layout before worrying about reserving anything. But we understand that you may have some favorites you’d like to reserve now, and we’d love to help you with that.  This a great idea especially if you’re wanting farm tables, buffets and white couches as those tend to rent quite fast.

The best way to get started is to browse the vintage furniture options that are available with your rental credit HERE.  This is window shopping at its finest as almost all of our inventory is pictured online.  And then just fill out your wishlist online or send us an email  letting us know the pieces you want for sure and we’ll confirm availability and get those reserved for you right away.

All that said, if picking out tons of furniture doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, no worries.  We’ve got your back! Once your layout is done, we’d be more than happy to select everything for you based on your colors, and then we’d send you a printout with pictures of what we think would look great at your event.  Just let us know!!