Linens are one of the absolute best ways to transform your space!! While they are an investment, they are one of the most affordable ways to make a large room look full and well designed!

We have a large collection of designer linens on site available for rental which means you won’t have to hire another provider. We’ve got the goods right here for you, and we’ll take care of ordering them, placing them and removing them for you.  As mentioned on your tour, we do require that linens are ordered through us so that we can ensure proper delivery and arrange to have our team place while we are laying out all of the decor for your event.

Here’s some other thoughts that will help as you think about linens:

  1. Ballpark pricing:  AMAZING linens might run $600ish for a 200 person wedding (depending on linen selected and number of tables).
  2. Linens set the tone for the whole room and should be considered very early in the design process.  We encourage your floor plan to be drafted 6 months prior to your event, and this would be a great time to consider your linen options as it’ll give you a good idea of the style (round vs. long) and number of tables you’ll have.
  3. Final linen orders should be placed no later than one month prior to your wedding. Order a few extra in case table numbers increase for any reason.


We will help with your linen selection during your scheduled design/planning meeting.  If you would like to schedule a time to come in to view our linen collection, please contact us and we’ll get that set up for you.

Here’s an initial pricing guide of our linen collection:

Our basic poly linens start at $20/linen and are available in many colors! We have tons of colored, textured, patterns linens as well which start at $25/linen. Poly napkins are approximately $0.90/each.