Your venue is booked.  Your date is set.  This ball is officially rolling!

Here’s a broad, crazy oversimplified, boiled down list of some of the things we’ll need from you between now and your wedding day.  You can get started whenever you want and we’ll be here to help you.  But if we haven’t heard from you by some of the dates listed below, we’ll be in touch to walk you through the next steps.

Happy wedding planning!!

Getting Started

Get your team in place and and let everyone know when and where you’re getting married!

8 Months

If you love to design, then we know you’re anxious to get a draft of your layout and start reserving your rentals now.

3 Months

We’ll contact you 100 days before your wedding to take care of these details and see how else we can help.

  • Finalize Floor plan (if not already done)
  • Tentative Timeline
  • Confirm Vendors
  • Final Balance Due

2 Weeks

We’ll schedule a “Final Details” meeting with you to wrap up loose ends and take care of these things.

  • Final “Day Of” Timeline
  • Damage Deposit Due
  • Final Guest Count
  • Table/Chair Diagram
  • Pay balance on linens (if applicable)