Can we bring in alcohol for the Bridal Suite or Groom’s Room?.

By Posted in - Alcohol on July 27th, 2017

The MLCC does not allow any personal alcohol to be brought on our property. We will work with you to get you what you need for the bridal suite or groom’s room! If you’re wanting a mimosa, we’ll provide the champagne or sparkling wine and orange juice at the same cost as your local grocery store. We’ll also include the glassware at no cost. It’ll just be there when you arrive and already chilled, and it won’t cost any more than it would if you did all the work yourself. Or if you prefer a case of beer, let us know and we’ll simply have it there, in your suite, chilled and ready to roll.

During the morning / afternoon we do not have bartenders onsite, so we do not allow hard liquor or drinks that need to be mixed. We’d prefer to drop off the champagne, wine or beer to keep things easy for all parties!

We’ll for sure reach out multiple times to see if you’d like drinks for the morning / afternoon as we’d love to hook you up with those! We understand your bridal party might not know they can’t bring in their own drinks but please help us out and request that all drinks go through us. We’d appreciate your help! Safety first :)