Can we have our wedding rehearsal at The Cheney Place?.

By Posted in - Ceremony on October 23rd, 2015

You are definitely welcome to have your wedding rehearsal at The Cheney Place (no extra cost) any time that is available during our regular hours (up to 60 minutes). As a venue space that generally holds weddings every Friday – Sunday and often time corporate events on Thursdays, I’m sure you can understand how this limits our options for ceremony rehearsals. While we’d love to offer you a complimentary time to rehearse in the space, rehearsals are never guaranteed, they are always a tentative booking based on our event schedule. Often this means the only time that might work is a day of run through. Our team will go ahead and get your ceremony processional order ahead of time so we can get everyone lined up and qued off as needed.

Please contact us to discuss scheduling options if you would like to have your rehearsal at The Cheney Place.