Are there any fees not included in our packages?.

By Posted in - Alcohol on July 27th, 2017

Great question!!

Our packages really cover just about everything (alcohol, soda/mixers/garnish, glassware, setup/teardown, bartender fees, dry goods and cups, etc…). There are only two other things that would be on your invoice:  a 6% sales tax per the State of Michigan, and a 20% service fee.  The service fee is similar to gratuity. We include it on the invoice so it’s a known expense up front and there’s nothing to settle afterwards. Finally, the service fee allows us to guarantee better wages to our bartenders so we can hire the best local bartenders which is a huge part of creating the best bar experience.

Here are the only other variables we know about… but these are optional and we’d walk you through that when working with you:

Extra Bartenders:  We generally staff bartenders at 1 bartender per 65 guests (depending on your event) and this works great!  That said, sometimes clients want more bartenders and that’s something we can do for $25/hour/bartender.

Extra Bar Fee:  We encourage just using one bar on our first floor.  And then just designing in a little extra space around the bar for larger events.  That said, if you want an additional bar, we can do that for $150/bar + any extra bartender fees if needed.  Also, THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL BAR FEE FOR COCKTAIL HOUR ON OUR SECOND FLOOR!  Many bar service providers charged an extra fee or required additional bartenders to accommodate cocktail hours on our second floor.  However, as we are using our staff and onsite inventory, no additional fee is required.

Champagne Toast:  Champagne toasts are an add-on service available for $3/pp.

Add-Ons:  Our packages list what included.  But sometimes clients want to change it up and add some things on here or there.  We get it!!  Customizing is good.  We’ll work with you through any requests you may have and we’ll be sure to let you know at your time of request if that’s something that would be charged separately.