I liked your packages, but they aren’t quite what I had in mind. Can we do a custom package?.

By Posted in - Alcohol on July 27th, 2017

YES! We are happy to work with you to develop a custom bar package. Send us an email (hello@drinkourpunch.com) and we’d love to walk through that process with you.

There are some perks to our packages that we’d love to highlight to let you know specifically why we created these packages:

— The packages are all-inclusive meaning your rates will not go up based on consumption.  Some packages start out less, but can go up if your guests drink a few more spirits than you were thinking or if Grandma doesn’t stop at her normal one glass of wine.  With our packages, you know the rates up front and there are no surprises.  No joke we’ve seen too many weddings where they saved on packages up front by purchasing a la carte, and then ran out of alcohol by the time the party was getting started.

— Our packages include a full tap experience on the first floor with at least 6 beers.  This gives your guests an experience that’s more like what they get when they walk into a bar and are able to choose from a full list of domestic and craft beers.

— We will be able to add our premium craft cocktails to any package we create for your wedding.  That said, we will be able to quote them at a significantly discounted rate with our packages which already take into account some of the cost of the spirits used to create the cocktails.  So for instance, if we work out a consumption based package with you, we will need to include the expense of all of the spirits and ingredients used to create the cocktails.  Whereas, with our “I Love It” package, your package helps to offset some of the costs so we’re able to significantly reduce those add-on rates.

We think our packages will serve you very well!!  But more importantly, we want to serve you very well and we are more than happy to work with you to develop the package that’s best for you.