Who will be working my event?.

By Posted in - General on October 12th, 2016

Great question!!!  As we host three events on most weekends with staff onsite up to 15-16 hours per event, well, let’s just say it truly takes a great team to make it happen.  Here’s an overview of who will be working with you from beginning to end…

Jenna is our venue manager and her job is to oversee everything related to every event at The Cheney Place.  Her primary job is to lead the team and to oversee the workflow that ensures the highest level of service at every event.  You will definitely receive emails from Jenna and there’s a good chance she’ll meet with you at some point along the way.  As with every person on our team, Jenna works a couple opening/closing shifts most weekends.

Here’s a quick introduction to that team —

Aubree —  Aubree started as an intern with The Cheney Place as a senior at Grand Valley State University.  Her internship involved opening and closing events every weekend.  She killed it as an intern so we brought her on staff right away and she’s been working full time since Spring 2016.  Aubree is the machine behind the scene that takes care of most of the details for your event, including all of the coordination with your vendors, and she also leads many of the final details meetings for weddings.  As with all of our staff, Aubree opens/closes multiple events on the weekend.

Stephanie —  Stephanie also came through our internship program while she was a student studying hospitality/events at Grand Valley State University. After her internship, we couldn’t let her go so she’s been here over two years. She heads up our fancy fray division offsite as well as some coordination onsite. She’s our tour guru so she may have been the lady who showed you around. She does a little bit of everything from office coordination to working events so you’ll be sure to work with her at some point!

Interns — We’ve been running an internship program for students entering the hospitality/events profession since 2012.  We have 3-4 interns working with us at any time, with their primary responsibility being to assist our openers and closers at every event.