Meet the Cheney.

By Posted in - CHENEY PLACE on October 18th, 2014

Why are we called The Cheney Place?

Is it political? Umm no.
Is it someone’s name? Yes. Kind of. (But no one that works here.)

Allow us to introduce you to the namesake of The Cheney Place… “The Cheney Talking Machine.”  This handcrank phonograph was manufactured in these four walls between 1914 and 1936.  It was invented by and named after Forest Cheney, a concert violinist who had thoughts about how music could sound better using innovative design.  (Click HERE if you’re a history junky and would like to read more.)

“The Cheney Place” then is a tribute to Grand Rapids’ history and the experience of great design. And we’re proud to have a couple Cheney Talking Machines on display throughout our building.

With that said… you may have noticed that we just launched a new logo, website and branding.  The proud parent in us couldn’t help but point out that our new logo was inspired by the craftsmanship of an actual Cheney Player (below).  We think you might notice the resemblance :)

The Cheney is in our name.  And now it’s in our logo.
The experience of great design started here in 1914. We’re proud to bear the name and continue this tradition.

cheney logo and player

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