Vintage Furniture

The hardest part about furniture rental is getting it all to the venue. Or so the story used to be. FANCY FRAY has been a tenant at The Cheney Place for the last couple of years now. Which means the area’s largest vintage rental collection is just on the other side of the wall from your event making things a whole lot easier. And a whole lot more affordable.

FANCY FRAY rents stuff that makes events imperfectly beautiful.   CLICK HERE to see that stuff.


  • Packages

    Individual rentals at The Cheney Place are 20% off their listed rate.  Done.
    No delivery or pickup fee.  They’ll move the heavy stuff for you.

    20% is great.  But 50% off is way better. Here’s the steeply discounted rental packages exclusive to The Cheney Place.

    ‘Ruffled’ Package*

    $695 for $1200 in rental credit.
    That’s nearly 40% off right off the bat.

    Think 2 stylized areas.
    Vignette with chandeliers.
    A buffet or two for your dessert table.
    OR, go for the bling with 8-10 chandeliers.

    Or something like that.

    ‘Velvet’ Package*

    $895 for $1800 in rental credit.
    That’s over 50% off. Plus no delivery/setup. Nice.

    Think 3 stylized areas.
    Vignettes with chandeliers.
    A buffet or two for your dessert table, or your gifts.
    OR, go for the bling with 12-15 chandeliers.

    This is the way to go if you’re thinking seating vignettes + buffets/dressers + chandeliers.

    ‘Fancy’ Package*

    $1295 for $3000 in rental credit.
    We’re well on our way to 60% off folks.

    This is how you do it when you’re going all in!  And this is definitely the way to go if you’re not filling the whole room with round tables.

    This package isn’t for everyone… but we have a hunch you already know if it’s the one for you!

    Let the designing begin.

    *Please note that packages above do not include the farm tables, pew collections or vintage camper.
    ** There is a 10% cleaning/damage fee applied to all packages.

  • Farm Tables

    There are tables that give your guests a place to eat. And there are tables which create a dining experience! We designed these so you can do both. They’re big enough so your guests have elbow room. And they’re wide enough for food, flowers and design.

    We have 40 farm tables that comfortably seat up to 10 at each table (four on each side with the option of one on each end.) That’s 400 in all. Our tables are 8′ long and 42″ wide which gives you plenty of room for both family style food service AND stunning centerpiece decor. They have an aged grayish brown finish with great distressing. We’re probably biased … but we think they are beau.ti.ful!.

    $75/table. Includes setup/teardown. Minimum order may apply. Limited Availability.

  • Chandeliers

    We are obsessed with how chandeliers can transform your space! Things hanging from the ceiling brings in the whole ‘vertical’ element to your event design, filling in the top half of your room instead of just putting more stuff on the ground. That… and light brings crazy cool drama to your space.

    Bottom line… chandeliers are awe.some.

    Fancy Fray is currently purchasing a large collection of chandeliers for exclusive use in The Cheney Place. Hooks and power cords have been strategically spaced throughout the first floor so chandeliers can be hung over farm tables, head tables, and the most common spaces for seating vignettes.

    The best way to have lots of chandeliers in your space is to benefit from one of the TCP exclusive packages. That said, if you find yourself thinking chandy’s galore at your event, contact us now. We crush on chandeliers big time in this space and we’d love to see how we can take lighting to a new level with you.

  • Contact

    If you’d like to swing by the warehouse at The Cheney Place to see the goods, please schedule an appointment. We’re usually available for tours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but we’re flexible so let us know.

    If you have any questions about Fancy Fray rentals or if you’d like to schedule a visit, please EMAIL US and we’ll respond shortly.

    That said, our website is open 24/7.  CLICK HERE to start window shopping now.